About Us

 Welcome to the website of
Brown's Oakridge Zoo.

Browns Oakridge Zoo is a family owned and operated zoo established in 1990.  Beginning with a single pot bellied pig and a few whitetail deer, the number of species housed at the zoo has grown to include five Siberian tigers, several black bears, two lions, and many more exotic and domestic animals. 

Over the years we have taken in many abandoned animals.  A total of 152 lion and tiger cubs, abandoned in captivity have been reared here.  Most of our animals have been raised in the house, and have had a lot of human contact.  You won’t just get to see the animals here, but you will be able to have hands on contact.  Imagine being able to hold a lion, tiger, or bear cub.  It brings out the kid in all of us. 

We have turned our home and land into a place where we can promote and help to insure the future existence of animals, some of which are endangered.  We are dedicated to the preservation of animals, and the educational and therapeutic benefits they can bring to humans.  We are not here to exploit these animals in anyway.  We want to provide these animals a safe place to live and a stress free life, through our love and dedication to their survival.  Our work is a labor of love, and we truly love what we do.

The experience is not limited to the zoo as we provide educational programs through out the community.  Many of our animals travel to schools and libraries.  We also enjoy being able to provide this wonderful experience to seniors residing in nursing homes. 

We strive to make your visit enjoyable and also educational.  So stop out and take a walk on the wild side, and don’t just see the animals…EXPERIENCE THEM!   


Brown's Oakridge Zoo is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of animals.  Although there is a small admission fee for entering the zoo, this is not sufficient to cover the costs of all the animals.  We graciously accept a variety of donations, not just monetary. 

We are always in need of building supplies (lumber, fencing, tools, etc.), as well as food donations such as frozen meats, esbilac milk replacer, and wheat breads.  Individuals in the past have donated large quantities of frozen chicken, dog food, fruits, parrot feed, cat food, towels, etc.

Brown's Oakridge Zoo is also pioneering the "Animals Helping People" program.  This program allows non-profit, or financially restricted organizations to come and visit the zoo, or for the zoo to come and visit them.  By sponsoring an individual, or organization, you can give them a moment with exotic animals that they would not be able to enjoy without your help.  Your tax-deductible donation to the "Animals Helping People" program will also get you two admission passes for you and a guest.  

If you have any questions, or would like to make a donation please contact us!

Thank You!!!    

We, as well as the animals, would like to send a special thank you to all those who have donated in the past.  Your support is what makes Brown's Oakridge Zoo possible. 

                - The Browns