These are some of the animals that currently call Brown's Oakridge Zoo home.  Click on any of the following to learn more about them.


Siberian Tigers are the largest cat in the world and are faced with extinction.  They are an endangered species with only about 400 left in the wild.  Captive breeding may be their only salvation.  Our zoo is home to 4 adult Siberian tigers


Barbary Lions are all extinct in the wild and there are only approximately 400 left in captivity.  A male lion's roar can be heard up to 5 miles away.  Lions are social animals and live in prides.  Our lions are named Kovu and Kiara, both abandoned cubs.  


Cougars are the most widely distributed cat in the Americas.  They are also known as mountain lions, pumas, panthers, or catamounts.  Cougars are an immensely powerful, yet very agile, animal.


These cats are native to Illinois and were taken off the endangered list in 1999.  Bobcats were the first carnivores to populate our zoo. 


Black Bears are large, generally harmless bears that live mostly in forests.


These animals are social creatures with a sweet, affectionate disposition.  


Barbary Lions             Mountain Lions

Black Bears               Lemur

Black Leopard            Birds

Bobcats                     Wolves

Coati Mundi               Pygmy Goats  

Peafowl                    Siberian Tigers

Raccoon                   Sicilian Donkeys

Fallow Deer              Tennessee Fainting Goats




Brown's Oakridge Zoo is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of animals.  Although there is a small admission fee for entering the zoo, this is not sufficient to cover the costs of all the animals.  We graciously accept a variety of donations, not just monetary. 

We are always in need of building supplies (lumber, fencing, tools, etc.), as well as food donations such as frozen meats, Esbilac milk replacer, dry cat food and dogfood, parrot feed and wheat bread.  Individuals in the past have donated large quantities of frozen chicken, boxes of bread, gallons of milk, etc.

Brown's Oakridge Zoo is also pioneering the "Animals Helping People" program.  This program allows non-profit, or financially restricted organizations to come and visit the zoo, or for the zoo to come and visit them.  By sponsoring an individual, or organization, you can give them a moment with exotic animals that they would not be able to enjoy without your help.  Your tax-deductible donation to the "Animals Helping People" program will also get you two admission passes for you and a guest.  

If you have any questions, or would like to make a donation please contact us!

Thank You!!!    

We, as well as the animals, would like to send a special thank you to all those who have donated in the past.  Your support is what makes Brown's Oakridge Zoo possible. 

                - The Browns